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  Greater Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club
          Constitution and By-Laws
               Table of Contents
Article I Name
Article II Objectives
Article III Membership
Article IV Officers
Article V Committees
Article VI Meetings
Article VII Amendments
Article VIII Disbandment
I. Name
The name of this organization shall be the Greater Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club (GARPC) This
Club was chartered in January 1984.
II. Objectives
Conduct Club activities for racing pigeons; promote the sport of breeding, showing and racing 
pigeons; conduct and join worthy efforts of others to elevate this sport to the highest plane 
of sportsmanship and competition. 
III. Membership
Active Membership: Any homing pigeon fancier of good character who is a resident of Atlanta 
or vicinity and is participating in Club activities.
Honorary Membership: Honorary Membership may be granted to any person previously an Active 
Adjunct Membership: Independent flyers who reside outside the Atlanta Metropolitan area or 
inactive flyers who wish to maintain a social relationship with the Club.
The right to vote, to hold office, and to serve on committees shall be the privilege of 
active members only. 
The right to participate in Club races shall be the privilege of Active Members only. 
Membership into the Club must be sponsored by an active member who 
will report on the eligibility of the applicant. A majority vote of Active Members 
present will be required to confirm membership. 
Any Member wishing to resign from the Club must tender his resignation in writing 
to the secretary, pay all indebtedness which may be due the Club from him, and 
forfeit all rights and claims to Club property.
IV. Officers
The officers of the Club shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, 
Treasurer, Publicity Director, Dixie Director, Race Secretary and Liberator. A Race Committee 
consisting of the Race Secretary, Liberator, Dixie Director and an at large member will 
resolve race issues or interpretation of race rules. The management of the club will be by 
the Board of Directors consisting of the above officers.
The officers shall be elected annually at the December annual meeting and
shall serve for a period of one year.
A nominating committee consisting of at least three members shall be appointed the President 
two (2) months before the annual meeting, and this committee shall prepare a list of nominees 
for each office. The list of nominees shall be distributed to all active members one (1) month 
before the annual meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor a month before 
the annual meeting and upon being made and seconded the President shall order that they be 
added to the list.
V. Committees
Temporary committees shall be appointed by the President, who shall designate a chairman of each.
VI. Meetings
The annual meeting shall be the January meeting. Regular meeting shall be held the first 
Tuesday of each month, except during race season when the regular meeting will be held 
before the banding for the race closest to the first Tuesday. Special meetings may be held 
at the call of the President. No special meeting shall be held unless all members are duly 
One Third (1/3) of the active members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.
VII. Amendments
Proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted to the membership in writing not less 
than thirty days before the date upon which the proposed change will be voted on.
All proposed amendments shall require a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the active members.
An active member may vote by absentee ballot. The signed ballot must be in the hands of the 
Secretary before the meeting is called to order.
VIII. Disbandment
This organization shall not be dissolved without the consent in writing of three-fourths (3/4) 
of its active members, declared at one regular meeting and confirmed at a subsequent meeting 
not less than two weeks later. The assets of the Club shall be disposed of in the best 
advantage, the proceeds, together with any surplus in the treasury, shall be divided equally 
among the members in good standing, or shall be donated to some charitable organization, 
as the members by vote may decide.

Table of Contents

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