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GARPC New Flyer Futurity

Help new flyers establish a race team and learn about racing pigeons.

·        Mentor new flyers.

·        Hold a one loft futurity race from each new flyer’s loft.

·        Provide club members an opportunity to support new flyers.

·        Have a fellowship day for club members.


Optional on the part of new flyers with facilities capable of housing a minimum (1 sq. ft./pigeon) of 20 pigeons.

·        Each active club member shall enter one bird, two if the new flyer has adequate facilities.

·        Housing, feeding and training of the futurity birds will be the responsibility of the new flyer.

·        New flyers cannot enter their own birds.

·        All birds entered will become the property of the new flyer.

·        Five dollar ($5) entry fee per bird.

·        Prize dollars will be split 40-30-15-10-5% to the breeder (club member) who donated the winning bird(s). 

·        A minimum of 5 birds, capable of flying 100 miles, must remain after training, or the race will be cancelled, and the entry fees returned to the club treasurer.

·        Calcutta and pooling will be available for the race.

·        The Futurity Race will be from the 100 mile young bird station, the Saturday before the first YB race.

·        Club trailer will be used for the race and club members may ship their birds for training, to be released one hour before the futurity birds.

·        The Futurity Birds will be banded with electronic bands and timed with a Unikon Clock.  Order of clocking will determine the prize distribution.

·        The new flyer may buy the electronic bands or they will be removed after the race.

·        If more than one new flyer is participating in a given year, each race will be separate, released one half (½) hour apart, the shortest loft first.

·        Except as otherwise noted, normal AU/Club race rules will apply.





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