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Links to other Pigeon sites
American Racing Pigeon Union (AU / ARPU)
International Federation of American Homing Pigeon Fanciers (IF)
Canadian Racing Pigeon Union (CRPU)
Chattanooga Racing Pigeon Club (CRPC)
Dixie Southern Racing Pigeon Association (DSRPA)
Gulf Coast Homing Club (GHC)
World Of Wings (WOW) (American Homing Pigeon Institute
Smokey Mountain Racing Pigeon Club
North Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club
Middle Georgia Racing Pigeon Club (MGRPC)
Spartanburg County Open Racing Pigeon Club
Pigeon Supply Companies
Glogal Pigeon Supply
Seigel Pigeon Supply
Foy's Pigeon Supply
Jedd's Pigeon Supply
New England Pigeon Supply
Pigeons in Combat
Vita King Products
Ace Pigeon Supply
Pigeon Ordinances
Dekalb County Georgia Pigeon Ordinance
Main Web Page For Municipal Code For All States
Disease Diagnosis & Formulary
GA. Poultry Laboratory Network
Disease Symptoms And Treatment Chart (Chevita GmbH)Website
Medical Formulary - Disease, Treatments, Medication Side Effects
Racing Pigeon Magazines
Racing Pigeon Digest
Australia Racing Pigeon Journal (Online Articles, etc.)

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